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Unit ZBZS Odolov

The Odolov Mining Rescue Service is classified under the PKU branch of the DIAMO state enterprise. It is located in the Trutnov district above the village of Odolov. It has qualified professional mining rescuers, qualified drivers for transporting the injured and sick, and many of them are licensed for work at heights and above free depth. Several rescuers are trained for diving activities at ZBZS Odolov and are part of the diving section of HBZS Ostrava. Others maintain the qualification of volunteer mine rescuer. Emergency service at the station is continuous, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A platoon of rescuers is on duty permanently and an on-call commander is in the control room. There are several paramedics on call at all times and always one of the physicians on duty in the home emergency room.

The rescuers of ZBZS Odolov work and intervene, for example, in unbreathable environments, carry out work underwater, in which divers are also involved in the management of large-scale hydraulic reclamation after lignite mining of Lake Milada and Most in North Bohemia. They also cooperate in the disposal of old environmental burdens after oil and gas extraction, perform calibrations of gas measuring instruments, train company employees in first aid, and cooperate with the prison in Odolovo. Thanks to the station's good instrumentation, they can provide aerial work by drone, perform thermal measurements of tailings and document the condition of the underground. They also measure gas concentrations and take air and soil samples. They cooperate with the Hodonín centre in the relicensing of oil and gas probes in Moravia.

As part of prevention, ZBZS Odolov employees carry out inspections of fire water pipes, periodic tests and filling of fire extinguishers. They also provide first aid training, both for their own employees and for other public and private organisations.

A very important part of the workload of the centre is the provision of medical services, i.e. transport of sick and injured patients within the Hradec Králové Region. ZBZS cooperates with the Trutnov Ambulance Service and the Territorial Centre of the Hradec Králové Region Ambulance Service in medical trips to the surrounding area. It also provides urgent care (pre-medical assistance) for citizens of surrounding villages in case of sudden health problems, traffic accidents and life-threatening conditions. In such cases, a two-person ambulance crew consisting of a driver - an ambulance driver and a paramedic departs.