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The Main Mining Rescue Station Ostrava carries out special work using rescue equipment.

We mainly perform:

  • liquidation of all types of mining accidents,
  • removal of the consequences of accidents,
  • work in unbreathable or harmful environment, including work under water up to a depth of 50 m, at heights and above free depth,
  • construction of tight closures or dams against the penetration of gases and dams resistant to the explosion of explosive gases,
  • sealing of dams against gas leakage by grouting the surrounding area,
  • filling spaces with fast-setting materials,
  • spraying with fast-setting materials,
  • destruction rocks and structures with hydraulic blasting equipment,
  • inspections of underground structures,
  • surveys of mining or subsurface works and structures, including their documentation,
  • looting of mining works, including clearance of looted reinforcement, equipment and material and closure of the mine workings,
  • surveys, documentation and cleaning of pipeline sections up to 5 degrees of inclination and from 600 mm diameter upwards,
  • cleaning of tanks, or cisterns equipped with access with a diameter of at least 500 mm,
  • inerting the premises with nitrogen (gaseous or liquid),
  • rescuing of machinery and equipment and handling with them using lifting pads,
  • detection of the initial stages of spontaneous combustion in the mine and at surface landfills, elaboration of alternatives for its possible disposal, or even execution of its disposal.