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Training and education

The Main Mining Rescue Station Ostrava carries out training and education in the following areas:

  • basic training and practical training of new mine rescuers,
  • training and education of members of the mining rescue corps, including training of mining rescuers in difficult conditions (in a heat chamber, with reduced visibility in a smokehouse, or in a mine, at a training workplace or elsewhere),
  • additional training and education for mine rescuers to obtain the rescuer-climber and rescuer-diver certificates,
  • medical training and practical training in the provision of first aid,
  • training for mechanics of breathing and resuscitation techniques,
  • training for employees of organizations dedicated to the issue, maintenance and repair of indication and detection equipment,
  • training for employees of organizations designed to train users of indication and detection technology in their own organizations,
  • training for gas laboratory analysts,
  • special training and education for managers of company mine rescue stations and their deputies,
  • training for sergeants,
  • training for accident liquidation manager and inspection service,
  • training for fire protection preventers,
  • training and re-testing of fire extinguisher inspectors and fillers,
  • provision of teaching premises equipped with audio-visual equipment and computers for testing or for the use of teaching programmes (max. 15 participants), or a hall for 50 people,
  • the provision of special training areas (smoke chamber), where all types of mine workings are represented for training with the possibility of reducing visibility, increasing the temperature and relative humidity of the surrounding environment.